You can buy these releases on line at or Magick Eye Records or iTunes or below:

Nemesis/Transcendental (Download - 2014)

Available on download: iTunes and

Bringing the first two deleted EPs together as one release of 9 tracks, they are available for the first time since 1995. This is available as a digital only maxi-single, listen on Spotify, or buy it online.

Nemesis (CD/12" - 1995, deleted)

Available on CD, vinyl or download: iTunes and or Magick Eye

The first single features some classic remixes by DJ Monkey Pilot of Whirl-y-gig, Bumpy Capers, Cyberia and Children Of Dub. Went to 20 in MM indie chart, deleted in 1996 but a few remain for mail order only via Magick Eye Records or Amazon.

"The essence of the tune is a laid back groove which churns with emotion... will definitely give your crowd a stir" Mixmag
"A top club sound. It's going down real well on the dance floor" The Prisoner

Transcendental (12" - 1995, deleted)

Available on vinyl or download: iTunes and

Includes a storming live version of the title track, captured at Megatripolis. Also features Andy Mowat's trance mix, an alternative version of "Dreadhead" and the Tantra mix of "Freedom". Made no 14 in MM indie chart, deleted in 1996, only a few thousand were pressed, hard to come by.

"On the mellow house/trance trip - a worthy four tracker" The Prisoner

Adrenochrome (CD/12" - 1996)

Available on CD/vinyl from Magick Eye and

Another four track EP featuring the original and a deep house remix by Children Of Dub of the title track. Also included are the drum n bass version of "Outer Space" and a dub mix of "Freedom". Scraped into the national dance chart top 75 and the MM indie top 30.

"Mesmerising Trance music to tranport you to a dimension so far removed from your own that only the deep pulse, the beat holds your mind together. That of course is what Children Of Dub shall become famous for and this EP shall be quoted as a pristine example of their mastery of that particular (space) craft." The Prisoner

Greed (12" - 1997)

Available on vinyl from Magick Eye and

Featuring two versions, with David Riley on vocals, the first a dub trance workout and the second a mindblowing ambient jungle remix by former label mates Surge. Also included are two exclusive tracks: the trance stomper "Electronic Meditation" and the darkly ambient "Xehpa". Limited pressing on 12" only.

"The title track is a piece of classic dub trance... four tracks of wonderfully chilled-out and swirling dub trance." Brum Beat

"This 12" is a liquid-nitrogen-cool sound combining deep reverbs and depth charged echos which float on a landscape where trance, dub, ragga and chill-out all collide head on" Dream

Nemesis/Rhythm Of Life (12" - 1997)

Available on vinyl from Magick Eye and

A total reworking of the classic first single into a pulsating trance monster! Also included are two exclusive trance remixes of "Rhythm Of Life", the original version of which appears on the album ESP.

"A reeling trance gem that'll wipe out your mind as well as shuffles them feets" Generator

"Excellent trance. A real light, morning track that drifts and uplifts you from a heavy night before. Subtly dragging you back into a tranced out state - without overdoing it" Gulfin

Feeling Has Gone (12" - 1998)

Available on vinyl from Magick Eye and

The last single, released on limited edition 12" only, features Saoirse Keogh on vocals on the title track. Also included is the full version of the dark d'n'b track "New Morning" and on the flip side two exclusive ambient tracks - "Insomnia" and "Herb (ambient 3)".
"COD (hah!) have dived into drum n' bass, making it dippy as only they could, with wafty quasi-orchestral overlay. Hmmm" Melody Maker (Turntable 10)