Children Of Dub was started by former Zero Gravity member Luke Eastwood. It began in '91 following a one off collaboration with guitarist Demian Castellanos and DJ Quark on what later became the song "Journey to the Inner Light". Demian decided to pursue his own music, returning periodically for live sets and several recorded collaborations. Demain later went on to form his own recording outfit The Oscillation, which is still going strong.DJ Quark never joined Children Of Dub, he carried on running Zero Gravity with DJs Cloggi and Zach. For a while Luke Eastwood continued on his own, in 1993 Luke joined forces with Zach (Chris Hunt, also from Zero Gravity) working together on a remix of Psychotropic and playing their live debut at London's Whirl-y-gig. After some musical differences Zach also left to pursue his own music and Luke carried on alone until enlisting Katie Hecker (formerly of Ecstacy Of St Teressa & Revolution 9) as percussionist.

Children Of Dub signed to Diversity in April '95, recording their first album joined by Demian on "Journey to...". The album "The Silent Pool" was released in September, after a trip to India, to rave reviews. Their first tour of the UK was a success leading to gigs and the release of the album in Europe on Incoming! Records. Two EPs - "Nemesis" featuring Whirl-y-gig and Bumpy capers remixes) and "Transcendental" (featuring a live version at Megatripolis) were also released before Diversity folded. All the Children of Dub Diversity recordings are long since deleted. Demian returned to record 'Journey To The Inner Light' and for several live performances.
As fans of Astralasia the band was more than delighted to join the same label, Magick Eye Records. The 1st Magick Eye release was the trance and d'n'b "Adrenochrome" EP. Their 2nd album "Chameleon" was released in 1996, featuring Mick Lawlor and Katie Hecker and they completed their second UK tour (including WOMAD, with Demian Castellanos returning, Whirl-y-gig and Megatripolis) and several dates in Europe. A limited edition EP "Greed" featuring David Riley on vocals and a remix by Surge was released in spring and their 3rd and highly acclaimed album "ESP" was released in summer '97 also featuring two tracks with Demain Castellanos and "Greed" with David Riley. This was followed by the trance EP "Nemesis/Rhythm Of Life" in autumn and short tours in the UK, Holland and Germany.

A special album for USA, Canada and Japan only "Analog Meditation" was released in August '97, featuring tracks formerly only on 12" and CD singles as well as a few tracks off Chameleon and ESP. It is only available in the UK via the internet (try CDnow/Amazon). In spring '98 "Feeling Has Gone", a limited edition 12" featuring Saoirse Keogh on vocals, was released, receiving excellent reviews. This EP delvs once again into drum n bass and ambience on the flip side. This was followed by another short tour of the UK.
At the end of '98 the fourth, and arguably best, album "Digital Mantras for a Fucked Up World" was released. This album did not feature Demian Castellanos or Katie Hecker but included vocal perfomances from Lou Palmer and Saoirse Keogh. Once again this received excellent reviews and several tracks from this album were used on compilations, including "Spook" on Return to the Source's "Ambient Meditations", their last live appearance was at RTTS in 1999, for the launch of Ambient Meditations.
A best of album was released in August 2001, "Evolution 1995-2001". With tracks culled from the rarest 12"s, deleted CDs and rare compilations, it is also includes previously unreleased versions of their songs. With the various collaborators now scattered between Ireland, London, Chile, New Zealand and Cornwall, Children Of Dub has come to a natural end and there will not any reunions. The compilation DVD - "Ambient", released in 2015 serves as an alternative 'best of' with over 20 chilled-out tracks on this release. Some of our songs have been used in TV and film, including a US surfing film and the TV series 'Top Gear'.

After lying in a Vault for 23 years, Live at Whirl-Y-Gig, WOMAD 96 was released in November 2019, thanks to the British Library Archive that retrieved the recording made at WOMAD in summer 1996 and allowed its release. This is available only as a download for now. A further new release of Children Of Dub material is planned for 2020.


There are well over 40 compilations out there featuring Children Of Dub. Most feature singles or album tracks but there are a few rarities too. Check out the Goa Trance series, Amberdelic Space series, Goa Head series, Visitation I & II, Dubnology 2, Ambient Meditations and Galaxy Tribe for starters.


Children Of Dub have remixed for US trance act Transmutator and Beyond The Honey Tunnel (also on Magick Eye Records), a bootleg remix of Kula Shaker's 'Tatva' and Irish band metal band Kaind and they also worked on production for soundtracks for a small independent film maker.

What WOMAD had to say...

"Flitting between spacey dub and softcore hints of jungle, Children of Dub are the latest signing to the expanding Magick Eye label. Fitting snug as a laid-back bug into the fluffy rug of the Whirl-Y-Gig environment, when the Children of Dub come out to play you can be sure to detect the faint rustle of Rizla origami amongst a happily high-stepping crowd."