Some of our photos - record company promo pics and of the various contributors over the years:

Personnel :

Luke Eastwood - Roland/Korg/Moog keyboards, piano, electric bass, electric & acoustic guitar, Akai sampler, dholak, djembe, bansuri (Indian flute), cello, Cubase programming, vocals
Katie Hecker - congas, bongos, cymbals, chimes
Demian Castellanos - electric guitars, saxophone, dholak, darbukale
Emma Stack - lead & backing vocals
Chucky Chrysal - lead vocals, congas
David Riley, Saoirse Keogh-Moore, Lou Palmer - lead vocals
Anton Petelchits - saxophone
Mick Lawlor - tin whistle
Andy Mowat - drum programming

DJ Zach (Chris Hunt) - remixing (Psychotropic)

DJ Quark - remixing (Journey To The Inner Light demo version)

Matt Hill, Andy Mowat, David Bell, Eric @ Bubblewrap, Luke Eastwood - studio engineeringt