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The Silent Pool (CD or 2xLP - 1995, deleted)

Available on CD, vinyl or download: iTunes and

Released in 1995, the debut album features versions of the singles Nemesis and Transcendental plus 9 other tracks. It is a seamless journey through ambient dub moving up into progressive house and back to indian flavoured ambience. Features Demian Castellanos (guitar) and Katie Hecker (percussion). Although deleted a few copies are available on line. Finally, in 2012 it became available to buy on iTunes.
Contributors: Luke Eastwood, Demian Castellanos, Katie Hecker, Chris Hunt, Andy Mowat, Mat Hill

" A wonderfully psychedelic feel pervades this dubby ambient album which would make perfect flotation tank listening 4/5" Music Week
" There will come an hour in my life when this is the only music I can listen to… Somestimes wallpaper sings to me, and this album is a compilation of some of its favourite tunes" The Idler

Chameleon (CD or 2xLP - 1996)

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The second album moves further into trance and trip hop but still with lashings of low frequency bass. This is a 13 song journey through ambience, dub, house and trance (including the single Adrenochrome) this album features Mick Lawler (tin whistle) and Katie Hecker (percussion).
Contributors: Luke Eastwood, Katie Hecker, Mick Lawlor
, Surge

"Another fine album of upbeat chill-out. This time also dubbed-out. In places it up-tempos itself onto the dance floor." Dream
"Their aptly named 'Chameleon' album wanders the branches of dance culture and takes on its different moods, from lush sweeps of orchestration to spiky get-up-and-groove numbers."

ESP (CD - 1997)

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The 3rd album draws heavily on 70's dub, combined with trance and drum n bass influences. It includes a version of the single "Greed", with David Reilly on vocals, and two tracks featuring Demian Castellanos - "Herb" and "Strange News From Another Star". Also included is the original version of the single "Rhythm Of Life". This album has a harder edge moving away from 'ambient dub' and heading further into 70s style dub and trance. It finishes with three tripped out ambient landscapes on a darker, but still positive vibe.
Contributors: Luke Eastwood, Demian Castellanos, David Riley, Surge

"Forward thinking dynamism of a Weatherall project" DJ

"Leading the field in the under-rated dub scene, Children Of Dub have turned in a sp(l)iffing album" 8/10 Muzik

Analog Meditation (CD - 1997)

Available on CD only:

Analog Meditation (CD - 1997)

A continuous mix compilation album created specially for the US and Canada (released on Hypnotic Records), featuring remixes and tracks formerly only available on 12". This album is also available in Japan but was not be released in Europe or the UK. It is only available in Europe as an import or via the Internet.
This album seems to consist mostly of remixes of previous works by the Children of Dub. Though it lacks the personality of an actual album release, it makes up for this greatly by having very streamlined production. On "The silent pool" they still had a rough around the edges sound, but have now evolved greatly. The remixes on "Analog Meditaion" are very expansive, intriguing, thought provoking, and enjoyable to say the least. It is a very mysterious and timeless sound. Children of Dub is music to get happily lost in. The only letdown I have in this album is that I can't find more music like it. "Analog Meditation" has spoiled me. - Miyamoto Musashi

Digital Mantras for a Fucked-Up World (CD - 1998)

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The last, and probably best, studio album was released to critical acclaim in the UK and European press. it combines themes from other genres with ambience and dub fused together in a unique way. Drawing on Eastern and jazz influences it marries the two with jungle bass and crunching beats. Includes the single Feeling Has Gone.
Contributors: Luke Eastwood, Lou Palmer, Saoirse Keogh, Surge
"COD you kick arse! I must admit, when I picked up this CD I was expecting some shite wannabe trip hop tunes that just don't impress… how wrong can you be? Due to amazing talent COD have succeeded in producing an album that represents just how versatile this sort of musc can be…" Fly on the web
"If you've got one on the go you may just welcome a visit to these hemp-laden pastures" DJ
"This will easily feature in my top 5 albums of the year, a superbly atmospheric coming together of all things dub, d&b and trance" The Beat
"The name may suggest some digeridoo-laden tosh, but COD have always been as fascinated by house and sample-driven techno as dub. …it's a surprisingly good combination thanks to subtlety and a rare ear for a good old-fashioned melody" The Edge

Evolution 1995-2001 (CD - 2001)

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The final chapter for Children of Dub, includes 12 tracks off all the 12" and CD singles plus compilation and previously unreleased tracks. This album brings together the best of the dance tracks produced over their entire career. Released August 2001.
"Children of Dub are a band who skilfully unify digital technologies with organic structures and thus produce music which can be only described as timeless... Their style, due to the many changes in line-up, is diverse and cuts across house, techno, trance, breakbeat, and of course the grandfather of it all, dub. As such, Evolution provides us with a comprehensive coverage of how Children of Dub have developed over the years, and provides a fantastic introduction to those who are new to them and a must-have for those that are already in the know." Upfront
"Released 8/01 on Rumour Records. Evolution is an excellent summary of the COD discography, tracing a journey of how their sound has evolved through squiggly, dubby electronica, trance, break beat and drum 'n bass. It is compiled from many rare and unavailable / deleted COD EPs and vinyls, rather than a hand picking of tracks from their past five albums. Hence Evolution is more than just a "best of..." album and is an essential purchase if, like myself, you missed many of these releases first time round."