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Children Of Dub - 5th Element, 5th studio album
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Released in 2020, this 5th and final album includes the singles "Stay With Me"  and 'Fire' plus ten other tracks of varying styles. It is an homage to all things dance, all linked by the characteristic heavy bass and dub production techniques. Featuring contributions from vocalist Emma Stack, multi-instrumentalist Chucky Chrysal and saxophonist Anton Petelchits, This album explores house, funk, trip-hop, trance, drum n bass, break-beat and ambient as well as the expected dub influences.

Contributors: Luke Eastwood, Emma Stack, Chucky Chrysal, Anton Petelchits, David Bell of Surge

"an homage to all the music that Children Of Dub love – reggae, house, drum n’ bass. trip-hop, disco, funk, trance, world music, jazz, ambient etc, An evolution of their trance/dub sound, “5th Element” delves further into vocals and different genres explored on the previous album “Digital Mantra’s For A Fucked Up World”. However, you will still find classic stompers such as ‘Move On’ and ‘Fire’ as well as two ambient tracks on this latest and final offering." Inside Dance Music Magazine

Track listing : Falling In Love • Rise Up • History • 3am •  Raving Tonight • Move On • Stay with Me • This Is The House • Fire • We Got Da Phunk • Goodbye • Spacechild

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